Software / Hardware for E&M Weblinks

An increasing range of companies produce software / hardware products related to electronics and micros, a small selection of which are listed below. (Please note that we have no connection with any of these companies.)

  • – Producers of microcontroller and FPGA development boards and educational resources.
  • – Creators of Proteus Design Suite electronic simulation and PCB design software.
  • – Manufacturers of Flowcode graphical programming software for microcontrollers, E-blocks modular electronic construction system, plus a variety of other electronics and microcontroller based products and educational resources.
  • – An online sales portal for products.
  • – Producers of high level language compilers (including Basic, C and Pascal) for microcontrollers, plus a range of microcontroller programmer and application boards.
  • – Creators or a range of electronics-related software including Circuit Wizard electronics simulator.

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