Digilent MPIDE

The Digilent MPIDE (Multi Platform Integrated Development Environment) is a modified version of the Arduino IDE, compatible with both Digilent's ChipKIT PIC-32 based range of microcontroller boards, and with native Arduino hardware and software. Digilent's MPIDE is a slightly modified version of the one created by Rick Anderson and Mark Sproul of (Fair Use Building and Research Labs), as indicated on the splash screen and the About MPIDE help page.

The IDE itself is written in Java, and is based on the IDE used in the programming language, although the Arduino programming language is itself based on a simplified set of C/C++ libraries developed in the project. The overall aim is to simplify the software development process, making it more accessible to a wider range of less technically minded people, including students, hobbyists and even artists. Perhaps, with the latter group in mind, Arduino programs are often called sketches.


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