Flowcode is a graphically oriented programming environment produced by , with versions available for PIC, dsPIC, ARM, and AVR processor families.

A flowchart-based software development method is used, enabling users with limited programming experience to get started quickly, hence avoiding the need to learn the statements, rules and syntax of a traditional programming language.

A simulated physical model may be constructed by selecting from the wide range existing components. Microcontroller pin connections must configured, prior to simulating the operation of the combined hardware and software, with the operation of input and output devices being fully interactive.

A number of complete are supplied by Matrix TSL to illustrate the possibilities, including the following which inputs a voltage from a potentiometer connected to analogue input 1 of a PIC microcontroller, with the output displayed using an LCD display.

Once correct operation has been demonstrated, the program may be compiled and downloaded to equivalent hardware, such as the modular electronics system.

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