is a browser-based circuit editor and simulator, which works with analogue, digital and mixed-mode circuits.

Completion of a user registration process is required in order to begin the limited trial, after which the user is expected to upgrade to the most appropriate , billed on a monthly or annual basis.

Full is provided online, and the CircuitLab website offers a number of community oriented features, including active , a news-oriented , and links to social media sites, including .

Browser Requirements

CircuitLab makes use of a number of cutting-edge browser features, and does not currently work with Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are both officially supported, as stated on CircuitLab's page (Opera and Safari are also reported to be compatible, although not officially supported).

JavaScript is also required to allow simulation of circuit behaviour, and CircuitLab tests indicate that fastest simulation is obtained when using Google Chrome, as reported in this .


  1. The CircuitLab page explains, amongst other things, the copyright permissions you grant to the owners of the website, when you upload information in private or public form.
  2. Options to import or export netlist files between other electronic design applications are not available at the present time, as confirmed in the section.

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