Circuit Wizard

Circuit Wizard is an electronic design program produced by which offers a range of features likely to be of particular appeal to electronics hobbyists and educational users, including schematic capture, interactive simulation and PCB design.

Circuit diagrams may be rapidly created and simulated, with animated components and virtual test instruments allowing the user to interact with the circuit in real-time.

Available circuit types include elementary circuits (real world component view with manually connected wires, as seen above), schematic drawings using standard electronic symbols (top image), and even prototype board layouts, as seen below.

The design may then be converted to a PCB, using either manual or automated routing, and the PCB based circuit may be simulated as a final check prior to manufacture. (PCBs use through-hole components rather than surface mount, making them suitable for manufacture by hobbyist and educational users.)

Available Versions

A time limited may be downloaded, which will enable you to experiment with the wide range of demonstration circuits, but creation of new designs is not permitted.

of Circuit Wizard are available, which differ in terms of the features offered and price.

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