Circuit Simulator Reference: Circuit Editing Commands

Circuit editing in Circuit Simulator makes extensive use of keyboard / mouse shortcuts and command sequences, as detailed in the following table. New users may find it useful to spend a couple of minutes practising, after which the editing process will become surprisingly quick and intuitive.

Function Description Keyboard Shortcut Mouse Shortcut
New Starts a new circuit   Right-click > Circuits > Blank Circuit
Insert Inserts a new component   Right-click and select component from menu, then left-click and drag mouse to scale / rotate
Select All Selects all objects   Right-click > Edit > Select All
Select Window Select objects by dragging a window   Press Space, then drag window
Select Component Selects a single component   Press Space, then click on object
Move Unselected Moves a component   Shift + drag component
Move Selected Moves selected component(s)   drag selection
Move All Moves all objects   Alt + Drag mouse
Stretch / Rotate Stretches / rotates component or wire using handle / endpoint   Ctrl + Drag handle
Delete Deletes a component or selection   Right-click > Delete

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