Terms and Units

This section lists common scientific terms, their symbols, and units. Terms are linked to appropriate topics, where available.

Quantity (Quantity Symbol) Unit (Unit Symbol)
Admittance (Y) sieman (S)
Area (A) square metre (m2)
Capacitance (C) farad (F)
Charge (Q) coulomb (C)
Conductance (G) sieman (S)
Conductivity, Electrical (σ) sieman / metre (S/m)
Current (I) ampere (A)
Electric Field Strength (E) volts per metre (V/m)
Electromotive force (E) volt (V)
Energy (E) or Work (W) joule (J)
Force (F) newton (N)
Frequency (f) hertz (Hz)
Frequency of rotation (n) revolutions per second (rev/s)
Impedance (Z) ohm (Ω)
Inductance, self (L) henry (H)
Inductance, mutual (M) henry (H)
Length (l), distance (s) metre (m)
Magnetic Field Strength or Magnetising force (H) ampere per metre (A/m)
Magnetic flux (Φ) weber (Wb)
Magnetic flux density (B) tesla (T) or weber per square metre (Wb/m2)
Magnetomotive force (MMF or Fm) ampere (A)
Period or Periodic time (T) second (s)
Permeability, absolute (μ) henry per metre (H/m)
Permeability of free space (μ0) henry per metre (H/m)
Permeability, relative (μr) (none)
Permeance (Λ) weber per ampere (Wb/A)
Permittivity, absolute (ε) farad per metre (F/m)
Permittivity of free space (ε0) farad per metre (F/m)
Permittivity, relative (εr) (none)
Potential Difference or Voltage (V) volt (V)
Power, active or real (P) watt (W)
Power, apparent (S) volt ampere (VA)
Power, reactive (Q) volt ampere reactive (var)
Quality factor (Q) (none)
Reactance (X) ohm (Ω)
Reluctance, magnetic (S or Rm) ampere per weber (A/Wb)
Resistance (R) ohm (Ω)
Resistivity (ρ) ohm metre (Ωm)
Slip or percentage slip (s) per unit or percent (p.u. or %)
Susceptance (B) sieman (S)
Velocity, angular (ω) radian per second (rad/s)
Velocity, linear (v or u) metre per second (m/s)
Volume (V) cubic metre (m3)
Wavelength (λ) metre (m)

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