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Programmable Logic Controller: Programmable Logic Controllers are robust and simple-to-program computers, typically being used to control industrial processes, and to automate production line functions.

Grove: Grove is a modular electronics construction and experimentation system, produced by SeeedStudio.

Velleman Input / Output Shield for Arduino: This Arduino compatible shield is suitable for PLC-style development, offering a total of eighteen IO connections.

Silicon Wafer: A thin slice of silicon wafer undergoes a number of manufacturing steps prior to being diced and then packaged inside individual integrated circuits.

Arduino Esplora: The Arduino Esplora is a microcontroller board styled on a gamepad controller. It comes as standard with a variety of sensors and actuators including a linear potentiometer, joystick, temperature sensor, light dependent resistor (LDR), accelerometer, microphone, buzzer, input switches, and a multicolour LED. Expansion connectors are provided allowing connection of a colour graphics LCD, together with two external Tinkerkit inputs, plus two outputs.