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1 Sep, 2012Resistors in Parallel: The resistance of two or more parallel resistors will be less than the smallest of the individual resistors, since each resistor allows an alternative path for current flow. In general, the reciprocal of the total resistance (1 / RT) is the sum of the reciprocals of each individual resistance. (Category: Electrical)

27 Aug, 2012Resistors in Series: The total resistance of two or more resistors connected in series is given by the sum of the individual resistances. (Category: Electrical)

26 Aug, 2012Power Consumed in a Resistor: Current flowing through a resistor causes power to be dissipated as heat or thermal energy. (Category: Electrical)

25 Aug, 2012Ohm’s Law: Ohm's law is probably the most fundamental equation used by electrical engineers. It states that the voltage across a resistor is given by the current flowing through it, multiplied by the resistance. (Category: Electrical)

19 Aug, 2012Circuit Wizard: Circuit Wizard is an electronic design program produced by New Wave Concepts which offers a range of features likely to be of particular appeal to electronics hobbyists and educational users, including schematic capture, interactive simulation and PCB design. (Category: Software / Hardware)

18 Aug, 2012Circuit Simulator: Circuit Simulator is a really useful and freely available Java applet which simulates a wide variety of electrical and electronic circuits. (Category: Software / Hardware)

26 Jul, 2012Right Hand Grip Rule: This rule allows you to predict the direction of the circular magnetic field which is created around a conductor when current flows through the wire. (Category: Electrical)

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