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19 Jan, 2014Logisim Example Circuits: Our expanding range of Logisim example files will help you to master the features of this powerful digital logic simulator as quickly and painlessly as possible. (Category: Software / Hardware)

12 Jan, 2014Karnaugh Map Logic Simplification with Logisim: Logisim's Combinational Analysis tool includes a powerful Karnaugh map designer, for circuits with up to four inputs. (Category: Software / Hardware)

5 Jan, 2014Creating Truth Tables with Logisim: Logisim's Combinational Analysis tool makes it incredibly easy to create truth tables, which is a key step in the design of combinational logic systems. (Category: Software / Hardware)

5 Jan, 2014Logisim: Logisim is a freely available, simple to use, and surprisingly powerful digital logic simulator and design tool, produced by Carl Burch. (Category: Software / Hardware)

1 Jan, 2014Half Adder: A half adder circuit performs a 1-bit binary addition, producing a Sum output and also a Carry-Out to a more significant stage. (Category: Electronics)

1 Jan, 2014Full Adder: A full adder circuit performs an addition of two single bit numbers, together with a Carry-In from a less significant stage, producing a Sum output and a Carry-Out to the next stage. (Category: Electronics)

24 Dec, 2013The Earth’s Magnetic Field: Our planet's magnetic field is roughly the same shape as that of a bar magnet, and has an average magnetic flux density of about 50 μT (Category: Electrical)

24 Dec, 2013Properties of Magnetic Fields: A magnetic field is found in the area around magnetic materials and current carrying conductors, and has both a direction and a magnitude at each point. A magnetic field can either attract or repel other magnetic objects at a distance. (Category: Electrical)

8 Dec, 2013Homopolar Motor: The homopolar motor is simple to build, requiring just a few commonly available components including a magnet, battery and wire. (Category: Electrical)

24 Nov, 2013Fleming’s Left Hand Rule: Fleming's Left Hand Rule allows the direction to be predicted of the force on a current carrying conductor, placed at right angles to a magnetic field. (Category: Electrical)

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