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20 Sep, 2014plcLib (Arduino): Counting and Counters: Version 0.8 of the plcLib software introduces counters, which can activate an output once a predetermined number of events have occurred. A counter 'object' may be configured to count up, down, or a combination of both. (Category: Software / Hardware)

3 Sep, 2014plcLib (Arduino): Comparing Analogue Values: Analogue comparison commands provide equivalent functionality to an electronic comparator circuit. (Category: Software / Hardware)

2 Sep, 2014plcLib (Arduino): Developing SFC-based Applications: On-delay timers may be used to produce timed transitions between steps in sequential function chart (SFC) based applications. (Category: Software / Hardware)

1 Sep, 2014plcLib (Arduino): Sequential Function Charts: A Sequential Function Chart is a graphical programming approach which allows a PLC to move through a sequence of steps under program control. (Category: Software / Hardware)

16 Jul, 2014Kirchhoff’s Laws: Kirchhoff's two circuit laws are commonly used in the analysis of voltages and currents in electrical circuits. (Category: Electrical)

15 Jun, 2014Maximum Power Transfer Theory: If a source circuit is represented as an ideal voltage source in series with an internal resistance, then maximum power is transferred to the load when the load resistor is equal to the internal resistance of the source. (Category: Electrical)

27 Apr, 2014plcLib (Arduino): Command Reference: This page lists all commands supported by the plcLib software. (Category: Software / Hardware)

21 Apr, 2014Majority Detector Circuit: A majority detector is a combinational logic circuit which gives a logic-1 output if a given number of inputs are simultaneously active. (Category: Electronics)

9 Mar, 2014Working with Boolean Expressions in Logisim: Logisim allows you to interactively design combinational logic circuits using its Combinational Analysis tool. In cases where you know the required Boolean expression in advance, then the quickest design approach is to firstly define the required input and output variables, and then enter the Boolean expression(s) directly. This will spare you from the tedious task of manually defining each output value in the truth table. (Category: Software / Hardware)

2 Feb, 2014Simple Wireless Remote Control for the Arduino: Adafruit Industries supply a range of low cost of wireless transmitters and receivers which make it straightforward to add simple remote control capabilities to your electronics projects (Category: Software / Hardware)

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