Site Credits

Creating a modern website is a complex undertaking, which depends on the contributions of many individuals and organisations. Some of the more prominent of these are acknowledged in following sections.

Website Design

The main website design uses a template produced by . Behind the scenes, the 'back-end' of the website uses the Content Management System (CMS).

Client-side Scripting

Web page operation is enhanced using JavaScript, although pages remain usable if JavaScript is disabled by the user. The JavaScript library provides a foundation for the pull-down menu and the ability to conditionally show or hide sections of text (as in problems, quizes etc.), powered by a JavaScript add-on from .

Image pop-ups and slideshows are provided by the application, which provides 'zooming' functionality when an image or other multimedia content is clicked-on.

Third Party Software

A wide range of software and hardware is showcased in the Software / Hardware section. Much of the software is either free, or at least available in trial form, prior to purchase. These applications are an invaluable aid to enthusiasts and students of electronics. In some cases, dedicated hardware suppliers may provide accompanying software, and this may be available as a free download, or trial version.


A range of and stock images are used to add interest to pages, showcasing the talents of a number of digital artists and photographers, with image credits and copyright given adjacent to individual images.

The majority of circuit diagram screenshots are produced using either Circuit Wizard or Proteus Design Suite, for which the author has purchased professional level licences. Mathematical images are created using the Formula application of the free Office application suite (a variant of ), and then saved as bitmaps prior to use.

Image editing of all bitmap images uses the excellent , which may be freely downloaded, with user donations welcomed to support ongoing software developments. Three-dimensional computer based images are created using the equally excellent application, which is available as a free download, and also as an added functionality professional version.