The Electronics and Micros website has been designed with accessibility in mind.

Easier On-Screen Reading

Text settings have been carefully chosen to be easy to read. A relatively large non-serif font is used, with increased line spacing and a high contrast colour scheme.

You can increase or decrease the screen magnification in most browsers by holding down the Ctrl key and rolling the thumb wheel of the mouse up or down. Alternatively, display settings may be selected from the menu system of your preferred browser. (Be sure to check the Help system to see available accessibility options, such as screen magnification and text size.)


A helpful pop-up message is displayed if the mouse is briefly hovered over the image. This text message should also be available using text reader programs.

Clicking on an image will normally display a larger version of the image in a pop-up window.

Web Standards Compliance

Selected pages are tested to ensure compatibility with the latest W3C standards, including HTML and CSS. Pages are also tested in a variety of popular browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer to ensure they load as intended on your system.


JavaScript is a programming language supported by all modern browsers, and which is typically used to enhance the user experience when visiting a website. Electronics and Micros uses JavaScript to operate the pull-down menu, to display enlarged images in a pop-up window, and to conditionally show or hide certain sections of pages.

Should you decide to disable JavaScript, the website will still be useable, but without the above mentioned features. Alternatives to the pull down menu include using the Topic menu (at the right of each page), the Site Map, or the Search feature.